Egg Warmer Pig
Egg Warmer Pig
Egg Warmer
Egg Warmer Pig
Egg Warmer Pig
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Egg Warmer Miss Eggy Pig

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Ham and eggs make for a delicious breakfast....but don't eat Miss Eggy Pig! She keeps your eggs warm and even doubles as a finger puppet.

Liven up any morning with this crocheted egg warmer. Handmade from 100% cotton, it makes a wonderful gift for any family member or colleague.

For a fun twist on this classic kitchen accessory, collect all 9 designs from Donkey Products such as Race car Egg and Egg T.!

  • Item: 200616
  • Donkey Products
  • Egg Warmer
  • Design: Pig 
  • Designed in Germany
  • Age Group: 3 and up
  • Size: approx. 2 in x 2.5 in x 2 in
  • Color: Pink, Multi
  • Materials: 100% cotton, printed cardboard, sealed in foil
  • Great gift for brunch invites, cool moms & dads or anybody else who appreciates boiled eggs for breakfast!

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