Adhesive Tape Sticky
Adhesive Tape Sticky
Adhesive Tape Sticky
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Adhesive Tape Sticky Home Made Tape

Proud of all your handmade items? Need to label a gift or other object? Then get the Home Made Tape adhesive tape and let your creative imagination run wild! This unique adhesive tape is decorated with  phrases such as “delicious,”
“cooked with love,” and “homemade,” and is perfect for labeling your homemade products such as jam, sauce, ice cream, and food. Also includes space to write your own messages to yourself or others! Great for labeling kids’ snacks or lunch with a fun message! And don’t worry, unlike other adhesive tape, Home Made Tape comes off easily. Comes with four marker-pens and includes an attractive gift box. Perfect gift for cooks, host, or anybody else who is proud of their homemade items!
  • Item: 300612
  • Donkey Products
  • Tape Gallery Series, adhesive tape
  • Design: Home Made Tape, labels
  • Made in Germany
  • Size: approx. 27 yds. (985 in) x 2 in, each  label is approx. 3 in x 2 in
  • Materials: Adhesive Tape, Plastic, 4 marker pens
  • Color: Multi
  • For labeling glass jars and other home made products, great hostess gift, awesome for cooks and people who are proud of their home made food!
  • Available in 6 styles