About us


"Contemporary things that make you smile!"

At Zeitgeist Gifts our goal is to spend every day making the world a more playful place. We are a modern, urban gift e-store that believes fun is a cure for the ordinary and that great gifts bring something special into our lives.

“What in the world is Zeitgeist?

Zeitgeist is German for “spirit of the time.”

And it’s what we base our entire gift store on…

With thousands of new products made each day, it’s hard to keep up with today’s trends. So instead of you hunting for the next cool, unique thing in the ever-growing forest of products, we do the dirty work for you and bring them to YOU.

At Zeitgeist Gifts, we spend every day hand-picking the latest, up-to-date products that reflect today’s spirit and outlook. And that always guarantee two things — to crack a smile, and light up someone’s eyes. Whether it’s from our heart-felt and loving gifts, to our quirky and fun ones, you can find something you, a friend, and a relative, will love.

And most importantly, each product you find here were chosen to ensure they bring something special and fun to your life.

At Zeitgeist Gifts, we give you a wide range of products to choose from. With small designers from around the world, our store is constantly filled with new gifts to meet almost every special occasion and person.

Need a gift for the holidays? We have special products for Christmas, Hanukkah, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Valentine's Day, Mother’s Day, and Father’s Day! Such as our theft-proof backpack (perfect for today’s modern commuters and travelers), a beautiful and unique flip vase, paper watches designed by international artists, or safe water-based nail polish for kids, and much more!

Need a gift for a special occasion? We have special gifts for birthdays, weddings, showers, back-to-school, and almost everything else. Such as our confetti balloons, stag night survival kit, beautiful place-mats, and a whole lot more!

So take a quick look around… You’re sure to find something new, unusual, funny, and special. You might even run into something that finally solves all your gift-giving needs.

And if you’re satisfied with what you’ve found, all we ask is for you to spread the word and share our awesome products with the rest of the world. Or if you have suggestions of products you want to see, we welcome that too. And in return, Zeitgeist Gifts will continue to bring you new, innovative products every day!



Julia here.

I’m the founder of Zeitgeist Gifts. And I wanted to give you a quick background about this store and how it came to be…

To put it simply, I wanted to promote and sell products in the US that you and I can personally relate to. These products were all designed by people I really like and appreciate (hopefully you do too). And starting Zeitgeist Gifts is my way of sharing these products, and a piece of my German heritage with you.

From a quick glance of our store, you can probably tell that I have a love and passion for creative and beautiful things.

Which is correct! I do.

And it all stems from my passion for art, modern home decoration, healthy cooking, and design background. As well as from working 13+ years in fashion marketing.

From then, I spent years educating myself, and learning from a successful New York gift company, all the way until the end of 2015… when Zeitgeist Gifts was finally born.

This store is a dream come true for me.

And I’m proud to work with several different, international brands and suppliers from around the world. With their constant new, fun and unique gift products, not only do they give you so many items to choose from, but they also help give this store the true “Zeitgeist Spirit” I’m always aiming for.

Zeitgeist Gifts is a big part of my life.

I spend a lot of time searching and finding the newest items to put onto our store. But don’t get me wrong…

I’m just like any other loving mother in the world. I travel, spend time with my husband and two children, workout early in the morning, and prepare delicious cuisines for my friends and family.