DONKEY Products is a German design company whose aim has always been to develop products that are original, creative, practical, and funny—to make everyday life more playful!

Florian Berger, mastermind and founder of DONKEY Products, brings lifelong experience to his company and was basically born into the business. Even today his parents operate a museum that showcases all of the incredible products and inventions they’ve released over the years from their novelty gift business. Clearly, developing one of a kind products runs in the family!

The Donkeys are best described as a “bunch of creative folks.” But they can also be called pioneers in the industry. Why’s that? Well, they are always ahead of the curve—always on the hunt for what is new and different. Like pioneers, they explore the ordinary on a quest for the special. That´s when product ideas are brought to life—with passion and professionalism. DONKEY Products includes kids’ toys, home accessories, kitchen items, and urban gifts. All products are designed and packaged with the unique, eye-catching DONKEY brand that makes them attractive as gifts.

Pow! Chuckle in delight and crack a smile with DONKEY’s famous snore stopper, or watch the wonder on your kids’ faces as they scribble on one of their wooden tech devices. And for all you gardeners out there, our one of a kind flower pots and labels are sure to please! Indoors, outdoors, or anywhere, Donkey’s unique products are guaranteed to make you smile! 

DONKEY Products is not only passionate about its products, it cares about human rights and the planet too! The company’s code of conduct is based on UN Global Compact principles in the areas of human rights, labor rights, environment, and anti-corruption.
All DONKEY suppliers and partners comply with this code of conduct, ensuring an ethically, socially responsible, and safe product.
All products are tested and comply with European Safety Standards.
Shop Donkey Products: http://www.zeitgeist-gifts.com/search?q=Donkey+Products