Mini Kite Lord Dragomir Bat
Mini Kite Lord Dragomir Bat
Mini Kite Lord Dragomir Bat
Mini Kite Lord Dragomir Bat
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Mini Kite in Tin Lord Dragomir Bat

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No need to fear Lord Dragomir! This bat can instantly transform a dull afternoon into a thrilling adventure!

This mini kite, is a cute and convenient way to encourage your kids to get off the couch. Lord Dragomir comes in a can that fits right in your pants pocket for easy travel. You’ll be able to take fun with you anywhere!

This bat and his 3 friends Captain Q. Fred the duck, Rainbow Lily the unicorn, and Galactica the alien makes awesome gifts for any kite enthusiasts, picnic occasions, and kids who love the outdoors!

  • Item: 340004
  • Donkey Products
  • Mini Kite, Lord Dragomir - Bat
  • Designed in Germany
  • Materials: Polyester, tin can with lid
  • Age Group: 6 and up
  • Size kite: 18 in x 13 in, length string: 27 yds., diameter tin: 3 in
  • Color:  Red, Green, Multi
  • A great gift for your kids or anyone who likes spending time outside!

Need a fantastic suggestion for outdoor gift ideas? Then look no further than our collection of mini-kites. Aliens, bats, ducks, we’ve got it all! Could there be a better outdoor gift than a kite?