What is your Idea? March celebrates Ideas, Creativity & Women

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What is your Idea? March celebrates Ideas, Creativity & Women

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Julia here. Happy almost Spring! I love this time of the year as days become longer, the warmer weather makes me feel energized and it's so much fun exploring new ideas, trends or passions.

March is International Idea Month, which gives people the opportunity to express their ideas, find new ways to innovate, and have amazing new business ventures! We celebrate ideas internationally because all great companies started from simple ideas - look at Apple, Google, Amazon and Walt Disney World. Those incredible entrepreneurs wouldn’t have made those spectacular companies if they didn’t have the idea!

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As you may know, Zeitgeist Gifts became what it is today because of a few ideas! One main one was bringing some of my German heritage over to the United States, and giving people something that is different, unique, contemporary and fun. Zeitgeist Gifts brings that idea to life, as we now carry products from all over the world that celebrate modern lifestyles and innovation. At the same time, I see my business as an evolution. Our time is busy, ever-changing, and you need to be able to adapt quickly. This also reflects my idea of Zeitgeist. The product mix we had at the beginning is different from what we offer today. Today is surely different from what I might have next year.

I want to encourage you to get inspired by trends, explore new ideas, and translate those in your own personal style. Be creative! Spring is a perfect time to declutter, to refresh your home, and with just a few accents, create a new look and feel. I love color contrasted with simple white or black.

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Find some unique accessories that relate to you or your passion for something. One of our favorite products is ‘The Line’, which is a black metal wall art featuring the skyline of New York, San Francisco, Chicago or Washington. Perfect for city lovers and travelers – a cool accent for your home. Or if you’re looking for something unique for the office, our Flip Vases are a great way to spruce up your desk with some beautiful spring flowers or greens!

Think about creating new spaces – about multifunction. Ikea always inspires me with their simplicity and new ideas to use space differently. Foldable tables, cubes, chairs that turn into beds fit perfect in our time and adapt quickly to new ways of living, working or lounging. Perfect in urban areas where you have limited space! Simply brainstorm how a room can be used differently or how it can be more fun or serve your needs. Some design trends this year are dark tones, accenting with brass, and keeping it simple with black and white. Use these trends to make some updates to your living room, or find some new wall decor that can add a little something different to your room! Keeping with the trend of black and white, change up your comforter in the bedroom or paint your bedroom white and add black decor.

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Anyway, March is also a month that celebrates Women with International Women's Day. It’s annually held on March 8 to celebrate women's achievements throughout history and across nations. It is also known as the United Nations (UN) Day for Women's Rights and International Peace. I am proud to be a mom, woman entrepreneur and thrilled about the current movements that focuses on women rights, fairness, equal opportunity and respect. Therefore I like to encourage more women to follow their dreams, explore new ideas, be confident and make things happen.

Enjoy March & Happy Spring,

xoxo Julia

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