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Keep Calm and Busy Indoors during Your Kid’s Holiday Break!

The holiday season is about time with family, forming new memories and reflecting on the ones made over the course of the year. For many of us, the holidays gift our children with an extended vacation from school. For some, this can be cherished time with our kids where everyone is thankful and polite and gets along with each other in a picture-postcard kind of way. But for most of us, there will be a charged moment of pandemonium where brothers and sisters bicker, something breaks, something else spills, and screams and tears are plentiful. Who can blame the kids? They're filled to the brim with Christmas anticipation, having spent the last few weeks being perfect angels certain that Santa is watching and fearing the naughty list. The second December 26th rolls around, they'll be ready to pop. How do you counter the attack? You keep them busy, you keep their energy well spent, and by doing so, everyone (including you) will have cherished moments with the family.  

But how? 

It's winter so you can't exactly send them outside with a bike helmet and sidewalk chalk, but there are tons of great indoor game activities that both you and your kids will enjoy. They're wonderful as last-minute gifts too! 

For the slightly older puzzle-lover, put their brain to work with games like this Adidas Memory Game. A spin on the classic memory game, this one has images of legendary sneakers and rather than find pairs of cards, you instead match the sole to the shoe. Great for sports enthusiasts and you'll enjoy playing too. Also available in boxing and soccer editions. 

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For your creative child who loves telling stories and imagining worlds, try our selection of Game Tapes. Fun, colorful tape in the design of a road or railroad track, this tape can be used to create paths for your cars and trains, or set up an entire town. Similarly, the My First Horse Show set includes two small horses. Plus, the tape can be removed easily so it won't damage your floors or surfaces. The tape is small and light-weight and great for playing anywhere or traveling.

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For the tiny, budding tech genius, take a look at our
wooden tech devices. Made from 100% natural materials, these wooden tech gadgets (cutely titled iWood, iWoody and iWood Tablet) are great for the toddler who always wants to play with your phone. Complete with a chalkboard screen and a wooden surface, these "gadgets" are a great way to expose your child to the technology that'll be prevalent in their lives but with a durable, inexpensive version they can’t mess up. 

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For the artists
, take a look at our
coloring options. We have coloring sheets of high quality paper so the creations can be kept for years or hung on the wall. We also have giant Coloring Universes which are four-foot-long, detailed drawings that will occupy your kids for days. Plus, coloring is great for adults too! This hobby has been trending lately as a great way for adults to relax and unwind--so join your kids and create an entire world.   

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And finally, for the kids who love to help in the kitchen, take a look at our creative cookie cutters. After the holidays, you'll be looking to leave your candy cane and snowflake cutters behind. We have fun shapes your kids will surely enjoy--a Game Boy shaped cookie? An iPhone cookie? And the classic cassette tape cookie cutter will be a great trip down memory lane for you as well.

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Mix and match these suggestions for hours of family-fun! You might be surprised when the holiday break comes to an end and you didn’t once think, “Is it time to go back to school yet?” Don’t stress! Instead, enjoy the special time with your family and look forward to next year.

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