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Are You Ready for a Fun & Active Fall?

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Depending on your location, September can be a fairly warm/summery month or start cooling off for winter. Either way, we at Zeitgeist Gifts want to give you ideas of how to enjoy this month with school starting, weather changing, and hectic schedules!

Make Healthy Choices & Stay Active!

It seems that when the winter comes closer and holidays begin, people get a little lazy with their health/wellness goals and their motivation. Don’t let the cold weather discourage you! Stay active, always find healthy choices in your area, and keep your goals up-to-date. Sign your kids up for fall sports like cross-country, soccer or indoor swimming. Keep them moving, and yourself as well! Bring your kids to the park to fly some of our unique kites during the chilly windy days. Look for meet ups in the area that moms can do together. Whether it be a walking club, crafts club or wellness group! Finding other like-minded individuals to help you with your goals is essential if you want to be successful. Set time aside each week for “personal development”. Look at your current goals and the activities you do everyday, update and repeat!
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Get Organized but Have Fun!

With all the busy fall activities, it’s important to keep your schedule with a routine that is seamless! There is nothing worse than a hectic schedule with no preparation. If you have busy events, athletic games, appointments and work coming up, make sure you’re organized with a personal planner or one of the amazing apps such as Cozi or OurHome. Have a day designated to plan for the week, Sunday usually works best, and run with it! Align your schedule, have a family meeting to discuss the week, do healthy meal prep for school lunches and dinners! 

Activities in your city! Every city, no matter if it’s big or small, has events going on throughout the year. Search for your city and see if there are any drive-in movies being played, fall activities being held near your downtown, or fun runs to do with the family. Visit Running in the USA for a list of all the running events in your area! You can search by city, distance and date. It’s a great way to stay active and have fitness goals once the weather starts getting cooler.

Fall, fall activities, fall ideas, outdoor fun, meetups, zeitgeist gifts, keep kids busy, outdoor activities, fall sports, active moms

Dress for Weather Changes & Be Safe!

When the weather changes, it’s common for sicknesses to start and spread, so remember to wear enough clothes on cooler days outside and take vitamin C and vitamin D. Remember, with weather changing and days getting shorter, it’s essential to keep our families safe! Check out our amazing line of athletic safety accessories to help light the way to a safe workout, to school or simply to work!

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Lastly, September is of course Apple Season!

Apples, apples, apples! From visiting orchards, to baking apples pies, to creating little apple creatures, the fun is guaranteed! Not only are fall flavors bursting with deliciousness-- they also provide plenty of ideas for family time. Find local orchards where you can pick your own apples, pumpkins, or berries. Orchards often also include more than fruit-picking too-- from bonfires to hayrides to maple-syrup-sampling. To make the adventure last, take your freshly picked apples and turn them into an afternoon baking extravaganza! A few modern twists on apple pie include apple pie barsapple pancakes with maple walnuts, or this fresher, healthier version of McDonald’s Apple Pie.

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Overall, make this September a healthy, structured and successful one! Enjoy the beautiful weather while you still can and keep your children active to boost their metabolisms, which in turn helps with development and learning abilities. Don’t forget to take care of yourself as well! Moms need all the help they can get and finding ways to reduce stress and stay on top of things, so make sure you’re chiselling out time during your week to focus on YOU!

Happy Fall!
Cheers Julia

8 Great Ideas on how to Start the New School Year Strong!

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Hi guys,

Julia here. I can't believe it's August already. We have been traveling for a few weeks in Europe and time flew by. We explored unique sights, culture, had lots of fun and amazing food. Anyway, now it's a great time to jump back into your routine, getting the kids prepared for school, teaching them more responsibility and involve them in chores. We know how tough it can be to get your kids in the mindset of learning. That’s why we’re here to help :)

1. Morning Routine with healthy home made breakfast

Get your back to school routine in place as soon as possible! The quicker you begin your routine, the easier the first day of school is going to be. Start with the most difficult task of waking your child up each morning, and preparing them a balanced breakfast that will help jumpstart their day! Some simple healthy recipes can be a yummy fruit smoothie (click here for smoothie ideas and recipes), overnight oats in the slow cookerblended fruit bowlschia pudding or a veggie scramble! And if your kids are older, involve them too. Making food together gets them learning new things, appreciating all you do for them, and gives you an opportunity to spend some quality time together!

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2. Get Organized in a fun and new way

Have you heard of Cozi or Ourhome? Those are free and must-have app organizers for families with busy schedules. Whether your child is an multi-sport athlete or club member, having them as your online coordinator helps diminish any miscommunications. These apps help align schedules, save to-do lists, plan for dinners and notify everyone in the family during your busy day. Plus kids can collect points and earn rewards! It’s a super easy and amazing way to get your school year started off strong and help you in your personal life. Picture an online personal assistant, who you don’t have to pay! Sit down with your kids, set goals, define priorities and put actual tasks in their calendars.

And if you have little ones, create daily routine schedules for them! Discuss with your child what they believe needs to happen before starting the new day, and then create fun and interactive to-do boards that they can use to help them remember the before-school essentials! 

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3. Structure the day, set clear expectations and limit online time

Of course when the kids are off it's so easy to spend time in front of the screen. Luckily there are new tools available that help you manage and control your kids' digital devices. Circle, for example, is a great one. This innovative gadget (available at Amazon) allows you to connect and manage every device that is connected to your home Wi-Fi. When you purchase Circle, download the app and control the limit of Wi-Fi usage per day, by time constraints or a bedtime setting. You can analyze usage, create filters and block to certain websites and social media sites. In a world with such excessive amounts of technology and screens in children’s faces, Circle is one of the best ways to get your child off the screens, prepping for their new year and enjoying what is left of summer!

 4. Make meals ahead and educate your kids

Each week, get into meal preparation and have your child help! Use our cute veggie cutters to cut vegetables into fun shapes and use small bags to portion off your child’s favorite snacks. Use the drawers in your fridge for certain categories (sandwich/wraps, veggies, fruits, snacks, drinks). Make sandwiches ahead - like the night before and use different healthy ingredients such as avocado paste with turkey, ham with salad, cut veggies, sliced fruits and of course your child’s favorite snacks! Pay attention to labels, note sugar and salt amount, watch for corn starch and other unhealthy and unnecessary ingredients. Educate your kids about nutrition and use apps such as Fooducate. This app tells your average ingredients, compares to other alternative food (more healthy) and let's you scan items in the grocery store, providing instant recommendations. My kids loved to walk around, scan food items and tell me what's good or bad about the item ;).

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5. Create an awesome Work Space

Create a designated homework station. No matter the age of your child, having a work space with all the tools they may need encourages them to finish their summer assignments early and be ready for school. Have your child get involved to pick out colors for bins and tins, their favorite pencils and erasers, and anything else they may find motivating to work! IKEA just released their 2018 catalog and you can find cool modern and inexpensive furniture and accessories!

 6. Shop online and get great deals

Do your back-to-school shopping online! Skip the lines and chaos, you can find exactly what you need online this year! Amazon, Target and Walmart have some of the best bangs for your buck, and are actually cheaper than in-store! Get your supplies list from school and search the web! Not only can this save you money and time, but it is one of those stresses about the new year that can be reduced! Visit Zeitgeist Gifts to see our full range of adorably unique lunch boxespencil casesrulers and other fun accessories to get your child the best before starting off the new year! Our water-resistant, theft-proof backpacks with integrated USB charging will make your kid the coolest in town!

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7. Pre-pick your kids' school outfits

After you’ve done all your clothes and supply shopping, get your kids back into the swing of things by having them help with their first week of school outfits! Lay out their clothes for one full week to avoid the everyday stress of picking an outfit.

 8. Be safe!

Once school starts and the days begin getting shorter, check out our magnetic wearable lights that your child can use when walking home or to the bus stop! Also available for those who ride a bike plus some cool reflective stickers. Child safety is the number one priority for parents, so make sure your child has the proper equipment to stay safe!

Don’t forget to enjoy the rest of your summer vacation, while the weather is perfect for barbecues, cookouts and get togethers in your home. But keep in mind that the earlier you prep for back to school season, the less stressed you will be in September. Use our ideas as a unique way to plan and execute back to school preparation for the new school year!

xoxo Julia

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