Modern DIYs and Ideas for Valentine’s Day

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Modern DIYs and Ideas for Valentine’s Day

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Conversation hearts, chocolate covered strawberries, love-themed candies, pink and red bouquets, and heart decorations galore…does this sound familiar? Valentine’s Day certainly has a way of creeping up after the holidays. If classic Valentine’s Day traditions have you rolling your eyes far before the 14th, our list of modern DIYs and buys might be just what you need to start painting the town red (or pink!) with Valentine’s Day spirit.

Start Decorating

Give your home a February 14th face-lift with modern DIYs adding just a hint of romance to your decor - no Valentine’s Day party required.

Mat Mason Jar Vases

What You Need:

  • 1 or more mason jars
  • acrylic paint in warmer hues (pink, red, burgundy, wine, dark orange)
  • a paint brush
  • scissors
  • fake or real flowers.
  • butchers twine (optional)
  • super glue (optional)
  • washi tape (optional)

Clean out your mason jars with soap and water and let them dry completely. Take the acrylic paint and squeeze onto a clean surface. Paint a thick layer onto the jar (you can leave out the bottom) or a thinner layer for a more distressed look. Let dry, and add another later. Use the washi tape and carefully wrap around the top of the jar as an accent. Alternatively, take the butchers twine and super glue and evenly wrap it around the top of the mason jar, securing with the glue. Tie into a neat bow and add a drop of glue to the knot. Before adding flowers, ensure that the jar’s components are completely dry. Arrange your flowers (real or fake!) and enjoy those warm hues and refreshing flowers.

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Running short on time but still looking to add a Valentine’s Day accent to your home? Our giant Party Balloon with metallic confetti can be hung outside your house for a pop of glamour, or blown up inside placed next to a bouquet of roses for a centerpiece, and used for your family’s personal Valentine’s Day party.

Heart Shaped Eats & Treats

There are a lot of sweets circulating around Valentine’s Day, but don’t think that heart-shaped foods are only reserved for sugary cravings. Use your heart cookie cutters to create all kinds of love-inspired foods!

Take your heart cookie cutter and cut out the center of a piece of bread. Coat both sides with butter and lay flat in a frying pan on low heat. Crack an egg into a bowl, and slowly add the egg into the center of the toast (hint! try not to get all the egg white in the center as it might overflow over the bread). Once the egg white cooks, carefully flip the bread over and cook until golden brown. Cutting down on carbs? Forgo the bread and use the cookie cutter to turn a regular fried egg into an adorable breakfast. Plus, you can use the heart-shaped cookie cutter for a Valentine’s Day meal the whole family will love! Create heart-shaped quesadillas, sandwiches, mini pizzas, pancakes, and so much more! Whoever said not to play with your food?

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Need a quick gift for the big night? Come prepared for your dinner date, or your heart-shaped meal with the family, by bringing a Love Candle to Go in a tin from Donkey Products. Keep this little tin with you at all times, and get ready to say “I love you!” Or if you have a more few Valentine’s to hand out, these Fun Paper Gift Cards provide you with 80 options for surprising someone with a sweet Valentine’s Day gift, birthday, or just because.

Gifts for Her

If DIYs aren’t your style, Zeitgeist Gifts has got you covered with thoughtful gifts for everyone on your list.

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  1. Brighten up her day by saying “Hi :)” this Valentine’s Day with our adorable lunch bag from Fluf. Made from 100% organic cotton and free of BPA, lead, and phthalates, there are plenty of reasons to smile! :)

  2. A flower pot fit for one classy lady. Surprise all the plant-moms out there with our unique Elegant Audrey Flower Pot. (Hint! Bring it to your local greenhouse and have them pot a plant in it for you to gift!)

  3. Help to squeeze in that last workout of the day for that fit female in your life. The Magnetic Wearable Light from Palomar is an easy and secure way to remain visible while running, biking, or walking around at night.

Gifts for Him

  1. Friends and family all over the country? This is a great way to keep track of the different time zones across the U.S. Stylish, modern, wooden clocks, and practical - what’s not to love?

  2. Give the perfect shave and a laugh with Duke Cannon’s Tactical Grooming Supply Gift Set. Your man will conquer even the toughest grooming gripes with “Smells Like Productivity” shaving cream and “Smells Like Victory” “For the hard-working, well-groomed man.”

  3. Classic red and black ping-pong paddles are a thing of the past. Stand out with a unique table tennis paddle from Donkey Products. His table tennis skills may be in question, but his style clearly won’t be.

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Gifts for Kids

  1. Bring playtime to the next level with My First Autobahn adhesive game tape from Donkey Products. Your child’s imagination can take the wheel with the easy to peel and remove tape.

    Not into cars? Create an in-house horse show with My First Horse Show adhesive game tape. Design a race track around the kitchen table, or even have the horses do tricks and flips by extending the track up the wall!

  2. Say goodbye to bath time tears! Your kids will be excited to hop in the tub with these novelty bath sponges from Donkey Products. Rule the seas, kingdom, or court with pirate and princess themed sponges!

Valentine's Day Gift ideas, gift ideas for kids, valentine gifts children, unique valentine's gifts, modern valentine's day gift ideas

Say it With a Smile

There are many ways to create a warm, inviting, and loving environment for yourself and the people around you. Get the kids involved and have the family create cards listing the things you love most about each other, or simply snuggle up on the couch for a family movie night. Valentine’s day doesn’t have to be a chore, and the best gifts always come straight from the heart.

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