Great Ideas to Get Ready for Spring!

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Great Ideas to Get Ready for Spring!

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Ah..! The sun is shining, the snow is melting, and the smell of fresh grass and flowers are in the air - it’s getting to be springtime! Months of cold and frigid air can make anyone, even a winter enthusiast, get cabin fever. This time of year, we find our homes getting stuffy and cluttered, which makes the prospect of getting outdoors and enjoying the fresh air even more tempting!

What better way to prepare for spring then to do a much needed cleanse both inside your home and for your body! Being cooped up inside has started to take its toll, get ready for warmer temperatures and cleaner homes with Zeitgeist Gift’s tips and tricks for a successful spring cleaning!

Spring Detox

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Spring cleaning isn’t only reserved for your home, start helping your body cleanse from winter by adding fresh fruits and veggies to the water you drink. Not only will this help you drink more water by adding subtle, fresh flavors, but you can help your body in other ways by adding various ingredients such as lemon and ginger or cayenne pepper for a bit of a kick!

Lemon and ginger tea is a great way to calm your stomach and help with digestion. To make it simply bring a small pot of water (roughly 2 cups) to boil over the stove and reduce heat to simmer. Next, chop up thin slices of ginger root, and 2-3 lemon slices. Add the lemon and ginger to the water and simmer for 3-4 minutes. Pour the tea and its components into a mug or strain to separate the tea from the lemon and ginger.  The tea is calming, easy to make, and great for your gut!

Alternatively, use chilled water and add a few slices of lemon and two teaspoons of cayenne pepper. Mix it up in a mason jar or water bottle and refrigerate overnight. The benefits are very similar to the warm ginger tea, however the lemon cayenne mix is best served cold, and easy to take with you as you run errands throughout the day!

Spring temperatures can be all over the place. One day it might be snowing, and the next can bring on a heat wave! On those warmer days, introduce yourself back into nature and take walks with the family. Breathing in the fresh air and being outside can help your energy levels, plus - exercising with the family is a great step in encouraging active habits in yourself and your kids (not to mention, it’s fun, too!) Head over to a local nature preserve, park, or simply take a walk around your neighborhood!

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We get it. The last thing on your list is decluttering the house. Make organizational tasks less overwhelming by creating a checklist the whole family can participate in! Divide decluttering to-dos into separate, smaller lists among your family members so as not to overwhelm one person. Even simple tasks like throwing out old magazines, tossing old jewelry, or cleaning out your email inbox can help refresh and renew your home. Get going with these tips for decluttering and refreshing each room of your house!


Start with the medicine cabinet and/or vanity: We live such busy lives, it’s easy to just toss new medications or floss packages behind the mirror or inside the drawers and not clear out the empty containers. Take an hour one day and empty out the drawers and shelves in your vanity onto the floor of the bathroom. With a garbage bag on hand, throw away anything you don’t need or haven’t used in months. Don’t forget to go through your makeup bag! Not only do many products have an expiration date, but clearing out your cosmetics can help with easing your morning routine. Rather than digging through a bag of unnecessary products you never use, determine which products you use on the regular, and either discard - or set aside the products you use sparingly. Repeat this same process in your shower area by clearing out old shampoos, conditioners, and soaps.

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We all have them, that food wrapped up in foil in your freezer from last year that you forgot about…Clear out your fridge and freezer by tossing old jars of condiments, juices, and frozen food that you never used. Check mason jars or tupperware containers to make sure the food is still good. It helps to label jars with dates so you know when to use them by. Check out our sticky home made tape labels. These labels make it easy to differentiate goods in your fridge and freezer, and can help you stay organized and clutter free.


Spring is a perfect time to donate clothes you and your family don’t wear anymore, have grown out of, or don’t need. Similarly to cleaning the refrigerator or medicine cabinet, take everything out of your drawers and closet and separate into piles of what you wear most regardless of the season, seasonal piles, and clothes you don’t wear anymore. Toss unused clothes into bags and donate to thrift stores, or bring to consignment stores who pay for your lightly worn clothes for cash!

Living Room

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When was the last time you rearranged your furniture? Give your living room the spring face-lift it deserves by getting the whole family involved in re-designing your space. You don’t need to hire an interior designer to give your living room a fresh look. Have the
kids draw out their plans for how they’d like to rearrange the furniture and vote as a family on your favorite design! Take trips to stores like Ikea and Target for new artwork, frames, mirrors, and other affordable pieces to help give your living room a new look. For a chic and fresh addition to your space, add a plant to our Elegant Audrey flower pot. Its bold colors and modern design work well to brighten any space! Our bird wine stopper gets you ready for spring!


If the snow is melted where you are, break out the rake and start clearing out any dead leaves you may have missed in the fall from your lawn or green space. There’s no better time than spring to start weeding out your garden and getting the grass ready for sunlight! Take a family trip to the local greenhouse or gardening store to decide which plants or herbs you’d like to grow this year. Our adorable porcelain plant labels will help you keep track of where your seedlings are as they grow! Plus, they’re durable and reusable year after year.

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Keeping it Up

Sometime’s it can be hard to maintain organizational habits throughout the entire year. Start small and slowly add on organizational tasks to form habits so that next year, spring cleaning doesn’t have to feel so daunting! Most importantly, have fun. Cleaning doesn’t always have to be a drag. You can play some music or audio books while you’re cleaning, or reward yourself and the family with a small day trip or everyone’s favorite meal once the tasks are done. Spring is all about new beginnings, and even the tiniest changes can help!

Happy Spring Cleaning!

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