Celebrating Moms — On Mother’s Day and Every Day!

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Celebrating Moms — On Mother’s Day and Every Day!

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Mother’s Day is right around the corner! Every year I plan on getting mom something special way ahead of time. I listen carefully to any comments she makes and look out for all of her favorite things. Although we have the best intentions, so often life gets hectic and we just try to get through the day! Right?

Being a mom myself dealing with the kids, work and another gazillion tasks has helped me in understanding what moms really want. At least I know this to be true from our friends and a lot of others that I have talked to. Sure there are so many gifts out there that will make mom happy – but what really shows her that you truly care are the little things. This might sound a bit crazy as I own an online business and sell gifts myself, but my true conviction is a unique gift paired with something very personal. Here is why…

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Believe it or not, when we get older – not old, old, but maybe better said when we mature, the focus shifts away from stuff of material value to those of sentimental value, i.e. extrinsic to intrinsic. In other words spending time together, making memories, family gatherings, and extra time for your personal interests and hobbies become even more important.

This is why mom will love nothing more than something that comes from the heart. Whether it’s an errand that you complete for her or a lovely photo album of her family and friends - because she hasn’t been able to do it herself over the past years, I promise she will cherish it forever! Or what about a gift certificate for a dinner at her favorite restaurant, a surprise trip to a destination where she has always wanted to go or simply a very personal letter that talks about you and mom. Try to read her mind! Good news is that many of these fun ideas can be done last minute. Let me inspire you with some of my favorites:

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1. Make a Mother’s Day Coupon Booklet! 
Check them out here and definitely personalize them!

2. Create a Poem for Mom with this Fun Poem Generator!
In case you are not as gifted of a writer as you’d like to be. Find it here.

3. Make a Delicious Homemade Brunch for Mom!
These ideas and recipes are amazing and will make mom smile!!!

4. Create a Custom Photo Album! 
Don’t worry if the printed copy arrives later! I personally really like Chatbooks or Snapfish

5. And of course – I LOVE Flowers!
The simpler, the better! Make a small flower bouquet – even add a personal note, heart, bird or whatever mom would love. Some simple tips can be found here.

And of course, we also have some fun items that mom will surely love. Remember my mission at Zeitgeist Gifts was and still is to look out for items that are uncommon, that fit into our modern and busy lifestyle and hopefully will make people smile.

For the mom who is always on the go…

These Pappwatches come in exciting, bright designs and are the perfect accessory to help her keep track of time and stay on schedule throughout her busy lifestyle. What’s even better?  They are made of Tyvek – a super-durable material, lightweight and unique. Plus they are eco-friendly because the material can be recycled up to 6 times!

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For the mom who loves home decor…

We love these handmade candles, and she will too! They put a personal touch on your gift and smell amazing! With the royal wedding coming up in a couple of weeks, this Queen Elizabeth Pot is a wonderful conversation piece for mom’s next dinner party, or she can add a bit of elegance to her home with this Audrey Hepburn Pot filled with her favorite plant. Or check out our unique flip vases!! She’ll be able to choose from 7 different backgrounds for her small flowers or greens, and voilà – they instantly look incredible!

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For the mom who loves the beach…

There is nothing better than sand between your toes and the sound of crashing waves. These super cute tote bags are perfectly sized for a good book, bottle of sunscreen and the rest of her beach necessities. Or try our unique Mom & Me set: one nail polish for mom and one for the little one; packaged in a small beach house. Now all she needs is the sun! 

So get moving and if any of these suggestions help to make her day, we want to hear all about it!

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Happiest of Mother’s Days from all of us at Zeitgeist Gifts!

xoxo Julia

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