Fun Ways to Get Ready for Spring!

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Fun Ways to Get Ready for Spring!

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It may be hard to believe, but Spring really is just around the corner! While it's true that many of us have experienced a milder than usual winter, it still seems like it was ages ago that we were basking in the sunshine without a coat. Why not get a head start and begin your Spring preparation now? With a few small changes, you can begin to enjoy all that Spring has to offer just in time for the weather to turn. 

How about creating excitement in your landscape with a focal point that lures you in, such as a new cozy seating area, or even whimsical garden art? Add bright color accents in your home along with matching flowers to get you in a happy mood! Sometimes all it takes is a bit of sunshine and warmth to perk up our spirits and bring us outdoors. An early run or work out in the fresh air can be magic and will boost your energy.

For Your Yard  

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Prepping the yard for Spring can be a month-long chore if you go all out, but you don't need to. Small changes really go a long way towards sprucing up your home's curb appeal. It could be as simple as changing up the color of your front door, adding some flower pots or a seasonal wreath. Fun accessories such as these unique plant labels will delight your family, neighbors and visitors. They work great in pots, flower-boxes or vegetable patches.

What about giving your windows a nice cleaning, maybe touching up the shutter paint or adding a fun welcome mat? Pulling weeds and adding some fresh shrubbery can make all the difference, and you might find gardening to be a relaxing new hobby. When it comes to lawn furniture, there's no need to buy new benches and chairs if you can just spruce up what you already have. DIY-tutorials are abundant on the internet for reupholstering benches or refinishing wooden furniture. It could be a fun task to accomplish with the family! As soon as the weather's warm, your outdoor space will be ready for you and your family to enjoy, and you'll be so glad you took the time to bring it back to life.   

For Your Home

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They call it Spring-Cleaning for a reason. It's around March and April where we begin to crave a fresh start and a clean slate, when we feel compelled to change right along with the seasons. Whether that means purging all the things you no longer need or rearranging your furniture, it's these types of alterations that can make us feel recharged and refreshed. If you're sick of your home and are craving a few design changes, they don't have to break the bank.

Simple adjustments like changing up your bedspread or painting one wall in your living room a bright color for a nice focal point can really make a space feel new. Add color wherever you can—be it new pillows on the couch, fun dishes, or new bathroom towels. Indoor plants like these fun flower pots can bring a bit of the outdoors inside. Plus, they're great for window sills and balconies if your apartment-living means you don't have the luxury of an outdoor space. Capture the feel of the outdoors with some bright, indoor plants and have the best of both worlds!

For You 

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Don't forget about yourself when preparing for Spring, your body could use some changes too! There's no better time to get back into shape than Spring. The warm weather provides tons of new exercise options. When you're no longer limited to just the gym, it's so much easier to stay motivated when it comes to fitness.

Take your workout outside! Go for jog in the park, take an outdoor yoga class, or embrace biking. Bicycling is both a great exercise and a great way to get around. You'll feel extra independent if you can give up public transit or your car a few times a week and ride a bike instead. There are tons of fun accessories for bikes too like these handy bike bags. You can even get the whole family involved! Spring also means better eating! Fruits and vegetables are fresher and more vibrant in the Spring. You can grill outside again and your meals will be less dependent on fatty soups and comfort food. Involve the kids by making your own orange juice with this fun cactus juicer. Plan a healthy picnic lunch and ride your bikes to it! Small changes will make you feel better and look better—just in time for Summer's swimsuit season.  

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