Add Fun and Ease to Your Family’s Daily Routine

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Add Fun and Ease to Your Family’s Daily Routine

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If your family is anything like mine, getting out the door on-time in the morning can be a challenge. With so many moving parts—breakfast, getting dressed, brushing teeth, packing lunch, planning ahead for the evening activities—routines are absolutely essential. We all live and breathe the Zeitgeist Lifestyle which means our family's schedules are tight. We thrive in a busy environment, but that doesn't mean the chaos is always fun. To keep the stress down and the boredom away, I try to take advantage of any tip or trick that will make my family's routine a little bit easier and fun! It helps everything run more smoothly, and makes those chores we hate but have to do (like packing lunch) much more bearable.


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Ahh, that morning alarm clock. We know the sound all too well. Morning sets the tone for the rest of the day. Wake up on the wrong side of the bed and the day will stay wrong until you're back in bed, so make it count! Nothing gets you motivated and ready to greet the day like a healthy, hearty breakfast. One of the easiest nutritional breakfasts you can have is a smoothie, and as an added bonus, your kids will love them too. Let your kids help you make them or sneak in some protein-packed veggies like spinach and kale when they're not looking! The sweetness of the fruit you add will disguise the taste of the veggies. Sip them with these fun sipping spoons or pack them in to-go cups and take them with you. Our sipping spoons work great for cereal too!

Want some other ideas to sneak in a little fun in the morning? How about having your morning coffee or the kids' favorite drink in these silly nose mugs?  And if you dread packing school lunches as much as I do, make it more enjoyable with these distinctive and clever lunch boxes. They’re BPA free and dishwasher safe and come in unique designs. Want to ensure your children have a great day post-lunch as well? Slip these motivational cards into their lunch boxes to power them through the second half of the day. They'll know you're thinking of them and looking forward to seeing them at the end of the day. Plus, they work great on spouses too!


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One of my favorite parts of the day is listening to my children excitedly fill me in on all that happened during their school day. From gym class, to recess, to the class clown's shenanigans, they're always excited to share their tales with me! Oftentimes, they're so excited though that getting them to do the most trivial task, like washing their hands before their after-school snack, is a challenge. We don't want to spread germs, and the last thing we need is a cold or flu bug making its way through the household. To make them excited to wash their hands (and to burn some of that excess energy), try this building block soap. The soap bars are Lego-inspired and can actually be stacked. Your kids will think they're just playing and you won't have to let the thoughts of the sticky monkey bars they hung from at recess haunt you in your dreams.

Later, when it's time to get some homework done, lessen the whines and complaints from your kids by introducing tools to make the homework more enjoyable like these fun rulers or pencil cases that look like a pancake or a sneaker. It’s true, homework-time still won't be the most thrilling part of their day, but whatever you can provide to motivate them to do their homework, will free up both their time and yours!


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When the homework's done and the day is reaching its close, allow yourself ample time to relax. This is the best part of the evening—after dinner’s been eaten and cleaned up, after swim lessons and ballet—when you're mentally preparing to start it all over again. Now’s the time for some quality family time without all the distractions. So cuddle up on the couch or in bed for a good bedtime story and allow yourself a little reprieve from the chaos of the day. If your youngins need help falling asleep, these cuddly music boxes will do the trick. Soft and plush like their favorite stuffed animal, they play a melodic lullaby when you pull the cord, helping your little ones drift off to sleep. They’ll be well-rested and ready for the next day, and you will too!

Embrace any and everything that will make the day-to-day tasks a little easier and a little more fun. Small changes can really help make your routines more efficient and your children will forever appreciate how you always made even the most trivial tasks feel like an adventure!

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