6 Ways to Make Reorganizing Fun!

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6 Ways to Make Reorganizing Fun!

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A clean, organized room that we feel relaxed in is what everyone wants from their living space. It’s true that as busy as we all are, the first things to go on our to-do list are anything that involves cleaning, organizing, or decorating. But they shouldn’t! When we’re stressed, we cut the first thing that might help us relieve the stress! Studies show that clutter, wherever it is, fights for our attention, lessens our performance, and raises our stress levels. Think about it: Doesn’t it feel great to sit in your living room or kitchen when everything has its proper place, when it’s pretty to look at, when it’s functional and fun for your family? Redecorating doesn’t have to break the bank and organizing doesn’t have to come in the form of ugly plastic bins and clinically-clean kids’ spaces. You too can relax and breathe easier with a pretty and functional space. Even better, your whole family can get involved!

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#1 Redecorate Your Kids Rooms

Making a space neater and more organized can be as simple as a fresh coat of paint and some well-placed shelves and bins. Is your child’s room a war zone? Making a change can make both you and your kids breathe easier. Redecorate their room with the goal of making it more organized so it’ll stay cleaner for longer. Your kids can pick the color, theme, and fun accessories (like autobahn tape for car-lovers) an you can focus on changes that will make it easier for them to keep it organized themselves. Add great kid-friendly hooks so their jackets and backpacks don’t end up on the floor. Let your kids take care of the wall-art and frame it with fun framing tape to make them really pop. Add some under-bed bins or shelves to the closet and label them with cute labels so your kids will know exactly where everything is supposed to go. Small changes can make organizing fun for them too!

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#2 Conserve Space!

For the tiny-home dwellers or rooms without storage, there are tons of hacks to make use of all available space. Every item in your home should have a place to live, but if cabinet space is limited, you’ll need to get creative. Embrace tin cans or mason jars! Both are currently having a real décor moment. Paint them with your family and use them to organize kitchen knickknacks or arts and crafts. Let your kids color boxes. They’ll be all the more willing to put their things away in boxes they helped decorate, and they’ll want to display them proudly too.

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#3 Think Outside the Box!

Traditional art can be expensive, two-dimensional, and boring. If wall space or your budget is limited, consider other design focal points and pops of color for places other than the walls. Unique flower pots, or cute wine stoppers in your kitchen can make a bland room feel more special. A fun tablecloth or new lights can draw the eye and make all the difference in the space.

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#4 Hide the Clutter!

We’re human. Not every nook and cranny of our home is going to be in immaculate order so do what you can to hide the clutter. Add compartments to your bedside table drawer to keep a system in place and avoid a “junk drawer.” Have designated “Tubs” for specific activities like a tub holding all winter supplies—like gloves and hats. They’ll be readily available when you need them and tucked away when you don’t.

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#5 Revamp Your Cabinets!

Spicing up your kitchen can be as easy as adding some pop to your existing cabinets. Try adding a nice wallpaper to the center of your cabinets to make them look brand new. It’s an easy change that even your kids can help with! You could also use a nice tile that matches your décor. Cabinets are expensive, but there’s no reason not to repurpose the ones you’ve got if you want to create a new focal point. Match them to the rest of the room’s décor with fancy coasters or placemats. Your kitchen will have a brand new look and your kids will learn that big changes can come from budget-conscious decisions.

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#6 Keep it Fun!

Your kids are much more likely to get involved and keep their things organized if it’s fun. Try implementing the crap basket system on your stairs, where each person in your family has a basket of their belongings that they’re to put away when they go upstairs. Give them a designated area in the bathroom for their toothbrush and toothpaste. The family will get involved if everything has a clearly marked place where it belongs. Better yet, the whole family will be anxiety-free if their living space isn’t chaotic and drab. A win-win for everyone!

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