Trends to Expect in 2016

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Trends to Expect in 2016

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Trends are funny. What's cool one minute can be outdated and hated the next. Some bounce back—like leggings and wallpaper, and others go the way of the dinosaurs—like popcorn ceilings and mullets. With our hectic schedules, we hardly have the time to stay up-to-date on the latest super-food craze or popular paint color (marsala, anyone?) The beauty is, you don't really have to. The trends evolve quickly, and the ones without staying power fizzle out fast, so pick a few that are of-interest to you and see if you can jump on board. To help you stay "with it" and have conversation-starters at the water cooler, here are some trends to look out for in 2016: 


When it comes to technology, few trends ever come back to life after they're dead. We ditched VHS for a reason, right? Still, technology evolves faster than any other category. So what's the technology buzzword of choice for 2016? Virtual-Reality. All the big players will start selling their Virtual Reality gaming devices this year, sure to be the hot-ticket item next Holiday Season. Also in the works: Smart cars and AI intelligence. Both will get loads of media attention in 2016.  


When it comes to food, the health craze we've seen the last few years will continue, which is great! Who can complain about healthy food finally tasting good? Expect to see pulses on many menus. What’s a pulse? Pulses are a legume family consisting of chickpeas, lentils, dried beans and peas. If you didn't know the word, you soon will. The UN has declared 2016 the international year of the pulses. And for the restaurant-goers, chefs are predicting to see a continued rise in interest in African and Middle Eastern flavors too. Give them a try next time you see the option on a menu!  


Fashion varies widely based on gender, age, and location, but expect to see a few 2015 staples evolve a bit this year. The man-bun trend made popular by men across the globe is expected to evolve into a man-braid. Similarly, we’ll say goodbye to the cut-out dress and make way for a new "X" neckline. Huge lips and bold brows for women will make a big splash, and statement socks are on-trend for men this year. 


The HGTV fandom will continue to rise and with it, a plethora of mini interior designers will be born. A combination of style and function will define our living spaces, but 2016 will see a rise in the "Glamily" Room—a sexy and pretty space made with durable fabrics to withstand the family's wear and tear. Pendant lights and pedestal bedside tables will also be popular, and experts say we'll see people begin to turn away from the laptop-in-bed “desk” and opt for a real one again! 


While 2015 was the year for fitness classes, 2016 will see many people forgo the gym to workout at home. Between fitness apps and the new focus on streaming video, many fitness-addicts will be able to get their fill at home. With live-streamed classes as well as access to more videos than ever before, the only excuse to skip exercising in 2016 will be a poor wifi signal. 


Mommy-bloggers agree that 2016 will see the end to "Helicopter Parenting" and new parents will opt for the "Third Child Parenting" style instead—giving their children a little breathing room and not micromanaging every second of their life. Say goodbye to gender-specific toys for children and hello to more and more nannies. And the new baby-naming trend? Hybrid first names combining two names. Think Brangelina or Bennifer, but for real and on the birth certificate. A popular one is Briele (combining Brian and Michele) or taking two names a couple can't decide between and mashing them up. The days of classrooms with five Sarahs and Kates are over! Whether or not that’s a good thing? Time will surely tell.

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