5 Great Ways to Start 2016 on the Right Foot!

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5 Great Ways to Start 2016 on the Right Foot!

New Year's Resolutions, Healthy, Happy Life, Zeitgeist GiftsThose of us who live and breathe the Zeitgeist lifestyle know that being busy isn't an excuse to be lazy, that having obligations isn't a reason to skimp on fun, and that multitasking shouldn't be an excuse to be unhealthy. We are master-jugglers, intended-organizers, and the epitome of efficiency and fun, but that doesn't mean we can't look for help from time to time to make it all a little bit easier. Take advantage of the New Year's reset button and start 2016 on the right foot with these handy tips and tricks for making life (and maintaining your resolutions) not only manageable, but fun! 


Be it fitness, to do lists, or budgeting apps, embrace them for all their glory. Apps can be invaluable in keeping you organized and on schedule. For the fitness-conscious, try this 7 Minute Fitness App. The app has video and picture instructions, a countdown clock, and all the tools to help you execute a 7-minute workout. Let’s face it, even the busiest of us can find 7 minutes to spare! Saving for a luxurious summer vacation? Budgeting apps like Visual Budget can help you stick to a weekly or monthly goal. Having it with you in your phone all the time means you won't forget to log your expenses.  

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Maybe your goal is to save for a down payment on a house or to finally finish your novel. Whatever you aspire to this year, a vision board can help keep you focused. Tack on images and mementos of what achieving your goal might look like and hang it somewhere where you'll see it often. The visual reminder of what you want to achieve will keep your eyes on the prize! Plus, it's a fun craft!


Even if a down payment on a house or a luxurious vacation aren't your priorities this year, it never hurts to cut back on your spending. Tax season is getting close. Start thinking now about what would be best to do with your refund. Consider joining the millions who've cut their cable TV service. Netflix, Hulu, and HBOGo can provide you with hours of programming for a fraction of the cost. Teach your kids the value of saving too! Fill a big jar with your loose change every day and spend the money on a fun family activity once the jar is full.  


Not only will cooking healthier meals save you money you would've spent eating out, it'll also keep you and your family healthy. Getting those vegetable servings doesn't have to be hard! Adding a simple smoothie a day to your breakfast is one great way to pack on the nutrients. Get the whole family involved! If your yard and climate allows, try growing your own vegetables with your kids. They'll be more willing to eat something they helped grow.  


It's easy to harp on our mistakes, but don't worry if you fall off the diet-wagon or if you splurge on a pair of designer shoes. There's no need to be perfect all the time. Our mistakes lead to new lessons and can shift our life in a direction we never thought possible. Our need to be perfect creates unnecessary stress in our lives and that's not the message we want to send our children. Always try your best and be happy with your best. A few missteps won't hurt anyone. 

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