WELCOME 2016!!

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WELCOME 2016!!

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We're officially past the halfway mark of the 20-teens and with that comes those trusty New Year's Resolutions. When you're ringing in the new year tomorrow night, you'll likely take a step away from the aluminum "2016" headbands, glasses of champagne, noisemakers, and hors d'oeuvres to reflect (for just a second) on what you've accomplished over the course of the year. For some, it may be a new job, a big move, a new relationship. For others: a child, a puppy, a South American adventure! The beauty is that even if you didn't accomplish all the goals you'd set for 2015, New Years has a great way of giving us all a blank slate to work with. So maybe you didn't get that promotion, and maybe your book didn't get published, maybe you didn't lose 20 pounds or finally redecorate the guest bedroom, but 2016 can be a fresh start! Forgive yourself for all past procrastinations, all half-starts, and all near-attempts and start fresh in 2016 with a clear, obtainable New Year's Resolution that for once, you'll keep.  

Sticking to your New Year's Resolution doesn't have to be a chore! It can be fun, and there are countless tips and tricks to get you through them if you take some time to look: 

, now is the time for fun kitchen gadgets. From the Veggetti to the Ninja juicers, there are tons of products on the market aiming to make your life a little easier and healthier. We're still in the midst of a health-craze and healthy foods have never been as readily available as they are now. If you're revamping your menu for your entire family, the trick is to keep it fun. Try fun veggie cutter sets, our Goosey Colander & Bowl Set or juicers like the Cactus Juicer.

New year's resolutions, eating healthy, fun kitchen stuff

FOR THOSE WANTING TO BE MORE SOCIAL IN 2016...We know how it can get. Your days are so full that the last thing you want to do at the end of a long week is catch up with friends and throw a dinner party, but you know that it’s important that you stay social. So make it fun! Plan a themed dinner party and you might be surprised how much you enjoy it. Maybe get some friends together to make centerpieces you found on Pinterest. Maybe try a few new exotic recipes you wouldn't cook on a normal day. Decorate your table with amazing coasters and placemats like these from TISCH NY. Once the party is underway, you'll be so glad you decided to throw it!

Tisch NY, beautiful place mats, modern table

..Choose an exercise regime that you'll actually stick to. If it's yoga, own the part-- get the mat and the clothes and the Zen will come. Fake it until you make it! If exercise videos are more your style, or hiking outdoors, make a schedule and stick to it! To stick to your workout, you have to enjoy it. Go on a lengthy bike ride and reward yourself with a picnic lunch. Think beyond your dingy local gym and get creative with your exercise! 

Biking, Bike Bags, Picnic Bags, Zeitgeist GiftsFOR THOSE AIMING TO GET MORE ORGANIZED...nothing can motivate you like some new shelves and containers. For kitchen and craft rooms in disarray, a few labeled boxes can go a long way (For a fun way to label your boxes, check out this Sticky Homemade tape). When you're world is uncluttered, your mind will be uncluttered. Donate items you no longer need, set up shelves in your garage, whatever it takes to help you declutter will make you breathe a bit easier. 

FOR THOSE PRIORITIZING FAMILY TIME, there are countless activity suggestions that the whole family can enjoy. So take a break from the screens and tablets in your life, and settle for good ol’ family game night. Consider the classics like Monopoly and Clue, or opt for new versions of the old like this Adidas Memory Game. Work together on an elaborate puzzle or color in boxes or giant posters. The more you do together with your family, the happier everyone will be.  

NuRIE, Coloring Fun, Giant Coloring Poster

Enjoy! Have a healthy & happy New Year!


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