Last Minute DIY Holiday Decorating Tips

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Last Minute DIY Holiday Decorating Tips

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We're getting down to the wire. Christmas is coming quickly! The advent calendar doors are mostly opened and the gifts are almost all wrapped, but suddenly you decide you need more decorations. Maybe you've slacked a little this year because you haven't had the time to decorate and now, looking around, you feel your drab apartment could use a little holiday pick-me-up. Or maybe the host of your holiday party came down with the flu and you (being a Saint) offered up your services. In either case, it's not too late! There are lots of easy, inexpensive, DIY decorating tips for getting your living space into the holiday spirit that won’t break the bank and will still fit in line with your modern and functional Zeitgeist Lifestyle.

Rustic Tree Chair Decorations

Take a couple branches from a tree, add a cute name-tag or ribbon, and you have great seat decorations for your Christmas dinner party. The pine scent will surround your dining room and these paired with a nice centerpiece and candles could be all you need to capture the Christmas spirit.

Hanging Window Ornaments

Instead of wreaths or outdoor lights, a great way to increase your house’s holiday curb-appeal is with this hanging ornament trick from  Choose any ornaments you like, some festive ribbon, and fill your windows with holiday cheer with ease and minimal cost.

The Beloved Book Tree

In lieu of a tree, a book tree makes a great last-minute tree option and a great conversation starter! Your guests will love perusing the tree for books they’ve read or want to read. As long as you have enough books, it’s easier than chopping down a tree. Plus, it’ll free up shelf space for other fun decorations!

Holiday Card Cupboard Display

For a super-easy and cute holiday decoration, use all the Christmas cards you received this year and hang them for a clever display. Works great along a doorway or across your kitchen cupboards, just hang some ribbon down the middle and attach the cards to the ribbon. You’ll get the colors and images of the season in a cute, easy-to-manage display.

Enjoy the Holidays!

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