Veterans Day Reflections - What it means to be a Real Man

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Veterans Day Reflections - What it means to be a Real Man

Honoring Men of Character

As we prepare to honor the men and women of the United States armed forces this Veterans Day I thought it worthwhile to reflect on the nature of character and men. While many men of character serve in the armed forces, their ranks stretch much further than that. If you are thinking of someone right now that fits the definition of a real man, whether they are alive or dead, military or civilian, why not honor them this Veterans Day. All of us can show our appreciation for those that lead by example and strive to help us all be the best that we can be, every day of our lives.

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What it means to be a Real Man

There are some who believe the role of men in the modern world has somehow been diminished. They see the physical drive that once defined men being channeled into video games and TV sports and the essence of manliness being bottled and sold as musky cologne. Storming a hill against all odds or riding hard on the trail of a desperate outlaw only happens in old movies. What it means to be a man, they would argue, has been reduced to a nostalgic memory.  

I believe real men still exist.

Real men today inhabit all walks of life. From the battlefield to the boardroom, they are all around us. These men are soldiers and fathers, teachers and factory workers. Real men still exist but what defines them has changed.

A New Definition

While today’s real men can no longer be singled out by their appearance, they can readily be measured by their character. They are defined as much by what they ARE NOT as by what they ARE. They are comfortable in their own skin but never satisfied with anything less than personal excellence. They thrive when they are challenged to be their most productive and striving for lofty goals. They have a passion for success. In short, they live life at a higher level.

They do not sit idle or waste precious time complaining about the weather. They often have dirty fingernails and may see no harm in wearing the same t-shirt two days in a row. They clean up really nice though and you can bet they know how good they look when acting casual in a tailored suit. When it comes to tools and cars or clothes and gadgets, they follow the same philosophy. They may not have a lot of stuff but they understand value. They buy the best quality they can afford and learn how to get the maximum performance and durability from everything they own.

A real man may not be flashy or stand out at first glance but they always leave a lasting impression. They do not weigh people down but instead lift up those around them to feel stronger in their presence. They have harnessed their internal flame to drive themselves and trust their moral compass to chart the course. Real men do not demand our respect and admiration but instead, earn it every day.

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