6 Spring Break Staycation Ideas!

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6 Spring Break Staycation Ideas!

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The days are longer, the birds are chirping, the windows are open - the beginning of spring is like a breath of fresh air…literally!  But with all the joys of spring comes a familiar time: vacation season. Just because it’s getting to be that time of year again doesn’t mean it’s also time to break the bank! If the thought of planning a lengthy and expensive family vacation has you reeling, but being cooped up all winter has also taken its toll, it’s time to consider a “Staycation!”

Staycations are budget friendly, kid friendly, and most importantly - fun! With Easter break right around the corner, the thought of what to do with the kids while they’re home from school can definitely be daunting. Cover all your bases with our “Spring Staycation” suggestions!

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1. Spa Day

Plan an at-home spa day for the whole family! Head to the dollar store and grab some inexpensive pampering items like nail polish, make up, candles, and “relaxation stones” for decoration. Have the kids come up with a name for the spa and create posters and signs to hang up around the house. Next, close the blinds, light the candles, put on soothing music, and take turns doing each other’s hair, painting nails, and relaxing - maybe even lead a yoga class or meditation session! Take it easy with screen-free activities for the kids that help everyone to relax. Try out a new coloring project like these giant coloring posters from Nurie, or read a book! Get creative by making your own face masks out of ingredients in your kitchen. For a quick moisturizing mask, mix together an egg yolk, 1 tsp of honey, 1 tsp of olive oil and an optional 1 tsp of baking soda for an extra exfoliant. Your family will feel refreshed and renewed after a day at the family spa!

2. Dinner Time!

Is there a new restaurant in town you and your family have been dying to try? Staycation is the time to do it! Rather than driving, try and navigate public transportation, or take a taxi or an Uber like you would on vacation in a different city. Taking public transportation or ride sharing in your city can help you see your neighborhood in a completely different way!

3. Easter Egg / Scavenger Hunt

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Plan a scavenger hunt around your house that doubles as an Easter egg hunt! Hide candy, toys, books, and other small items with clues leading to different ones. If your family is cutting back on candy, replace the sweets with “tickets” that have prizes written on them like “a trip to the movies” or, “good for one day at the amusement park” for more family fun. For a unique twist on your classic Easter egg, cover plastic eggs with chocolate, or hard boiled decorated ones with our adorable Egg Warmers. Whoever finds the egg with the Egg Warmer, wins!

4. Stay Overnight in a Hotel

Just because you’re in your own city, doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy staying in a hotel. Book a hotel in an area of your city or town that everyone in the family enjoys. Swim in the pool, relax in the spa, stay up late watching TV, jump on the bed, whatever you want! Staying in a hotel as a family is a great chance to reconnect, chat, explore a new neighborhood, and feel like you got away, even if your house is right around the corner!

5. Take a Day Trip!

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Is there a nearby town with historical significance you’ve been curious about? Or a national park with great hikes less than an hour away? Whatever it may be, plan a day trip on your Staycation and explore the areas surrounding your town or city. Check out a unique museum, visit a beach you’ve never been to, or explore what a new-to-you town has to offer. Long drive? Cozy up with our comfy travel hoodie, lay back, and relax on your way there.

6. Volunteer

Volunteering isn’t always the first activity that comes to mind when someone says “vacation,” but on a Staycation, volunteering is a great opportunity to learn about your community, bond with your family, and help out a cause you believe in. Visit the local animal shelter and adopt a rescue pet, or volunteer at a food bank as a family helping to distribute and organize canned goods for people in need. Volunteering may not always be glamorous, but it always feels good to give back.

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Staycations allow you to reconnect with where you live and your family without the added stress of everyday life. Put errands on hold, plan out activities in advance, and pretend like you and your family really are “away” during your Staycation. Just like a vacation, Staycations should leave you feeling refreshed and ready to get back to a normal schedule. 

Happy “Staycationing!”

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