Welcome to Zeitgeist Gifts "Contemporary things that make you smile!"

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Welcome to Zeitgeist Gifts "Contemporary things that make you smile!"

The spirit of the times, the idea of Zeitgeist has been used by philosophers and luminaries to explain the forces that define the society of any given era. Through its art, design and ideas each society creates its own spirit of the times, its own Zeitgeist. At Zeitgeist we reflect our modern world with an international collection of unique gifts and products for lovers of contemporary design.  

Whether you are an interior designer looking for the perfect accent to complete your creation or simply a modern soul searching for a singular expression of your personal sense of taste and style, you have come to the right place. This is a place to find the unique, the beautiful and celebrate the spirit of our times.

The Contemporary

Contemporary design is about more than aesthetics and function. Contemporary design is design with a capital “D”. It encompasses sustainability, social impact and considers a product’s complete life cycle. Unique products evolve from inspired stories. Stories that touch lives in developing countries, utilize recycled materials, minimize packaging and share a unique vision of the world.

Among our brands the naturally inspired tabletop accessories of Tisch New York are an outstanding example of contemporary design that combines beauty and function with modern flare. More exciting brands will be coming soon, stay tuned!

The Modern 

Today’s modern urban families span generations, cultures and even languages. Modern families now reach beyond traditional boundaries to include partners, friends and an assortment of extended family relationships. Binding them together above all else is a single common thread - LOVE.

Showing love, sharing love and embracing a shared sense of fun is part of the modern family experience. Whether family time means spending the holidays with grandparents or hosting a dinner for friends, having fun, being playful and celebrating your special relationships are an important part of life. 

The Playful

At Zeitgeist we love fun stuff. One of our goals is to spend a part of each day filling the world with love by making it a more playful place. Our old and dear friend, Florian Berger, the creative lightning bolt behind Donkey design lab, is one of our favorite sources for playful and unique gifts. From creative children’s toys to gifts for your favorite guy or girl, Donkey has something that will fit perfectly every time and leave them with a smile they just can’t shake.

The World

Our designers come from different countries, our artists speak different languages and our collections embrace a variety of modern movements that are defining our increasingly global society. We present new work from an exciting global community of modern designers, artists and craftspeople to people like you. People that embrace the spirit of our times.

Share Our Journey

We are very happy you are here to share our world of unique gifts and contemporary creations. I encourage you to leave a comment, share your discoveries and be a part of our journey in search of the beautiful, the unique and the fun things that inspire our modern lives. Welcome to Zeitgeist Gifts.

Julia, Founder and CIF (Chief Inspiration Fairy)

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