Show Dad How Much He's Appreciated This Father's Day

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Show Dad How Much He's Appreciated This Father's Day

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Dads are notoriously hard to buy for. While Mother's Day has some classic gift ideas that can never go wrong--flowers, a spa day, a home-cooked meal-- Father's Day can be difficult. The traditional power tool, watch, and golf ball can only be gifted so many times. You can have too many screwdrivers and hammers after all. So what do you get a Dad who is selfless? Who needs nothing but his family, his health, and a cozy seat to unwind in at the end of the day? What do you get the Dad who insists "I don't need anything," who would rather have you save your pennies for a college fund, a vacation, or to spoil his grandkids with?

The best thing about our Dads is their selflessness. Their go-with-the-flow, be-who-you-want-to-be attitude. They taught us how to be brave. They taught us how to manage money, how to change a tire, how to get over something and move on, how not to dwell. They taught us how to face each day with one foot forward. The taught us what ambition means. They taught us how to protect the ones we love. And most of all, they taught us what it means to be a friend because they’ve been our very best friend and our biggest support since day one.

Fathers Day, Father's Day Gifts, Father's Day Gift Ideas, Best Father's Day Gifts, Zeitgeist Gifts

So this Father's Day nail the gift-giving and show Dad just how well you know him and appreciate all that he does. He probably won't come out and ask for a gift or even a special day, but here are some ideas to help you give him the very best Father's Day he deserves.

For the Dad who always keeps you smiling…

Everyone loves a prankster. If this is your Dad, feed his fire with the hilarious snore stopper. He'll love poking fun at himself (if he's the snorer) or the resident snorer of the family if it’s someone other than him. Or if office shenanigans are more his style, why not give this office pillow a shot? Shaped like a binder to "sleep" on the job unnoticed, this gift is sure to get Dad some laughs at the office.

For Mr. Active…

Father's Day, Fathers Day Gift Ideas, Best Father's Day Gifts, Zeitgeist Gifts

You can't go wrong with bike accessories. Whether your Dad is all about exercise or if he's been talking lately about getting fit, the right accessory can be all the motivation he needs to get out there and do it. How about a Father's Day picnic you can bike to with the help of this bike bag? Or fun multi-purpose tools like this bike tool to fix your bike and crack open a bottle. How handy is that?

For the Dad who loves playing connoisseur…

Dads are all an expert in something-- whether it's making sure you do your homework, perfecting the ideal lawn, or schooling you in a game of pool. Find what they're an expert in and use that to brainstorm gift ideas from. If your Dad loves wine, fun wine stoppers or corkscrews might be perfect for him.

Fathers Day, Father's Day Gifts, Fathers Day Gift Ideas, Zeitgeist Gifts, Best Father's Day Gifts

For the Dad who loves a party…

For the Dad who feels most at home playing host to special family gatherings, who loves grilling for his family and bringing everyone together for outdoor hot dogs and hamburgers, grilling accessories could be the perfect gift! From funny dollar lighters to light his grill, or hilarious extra-long forks to steal bites off others’ plates, and even kid-friendly and humorous BBQ plates,  there are countless gift options out there to get for your Dad that will allow him to be the best version of himself.

Fathers Day, Father's Day Gifts, Fathers Day Gift Ideas, Zeitgeist Gifts, Best Father's Day Gifts

For the Dad who is tough with a heart of gold…

For the macho Dad who works hard and plays even harder, our Duke Cannon soap is perfect. This massive brick of soap is modeled after the soap used by vets in the Korean war. This is not some frilly, fruity shower gel, this is manly soap meant to do its job (with fun, masculine packaging.) And for the complete manly product line, check out the Duke Cannon - U.S. Military Field Box Soap Set—sure to please a Dad anywhere on the macho spectrum.

Whether your Dad is funny, serious, goofy, wise, or sweet, the perfect gift is out there for any personality trait. This Father's Day, show Dad just how much he means to you and give him the chance to let his best personality traits truly shine. 

Happy Father's Day!

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