Yes, I do! The Modern Day Wedding

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Yes, I do! The Modern Day Wedding

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How it’s changed from Ultra-formal to Fun!

Hi guys! May is finally here—the month of celebrations and warm weather and the kickoff to wedding season! We at Zeitgeist Gifts are always eager to share international perspectives with you as well as a little history—what has changed over the years, what has stayed the same…and how you can make your celebrations a little more fun, unique and all your own!

More and more, weddings are becoming less formal. While tradition is still important to many, and the old customs are still practiced, there is an increasing casualness to weddings...and this isn't a bad thing! Weddings aren't casual in a lazy way, but in a cool, enjoyable and comfortable sort of way. More than ever, husbands and brides-to-be want their guests to have a great time at their weddings and they use the celebration as a chance to show everyone exactly who they are as a couple in their grand debut. 

modern wedding, unique wedding gifts, wedding favors, fun wedding, fun celebration, Zeitgeist Gifts

So many things about marriage have changed—the average age we tie the knot, the price tag for the wedding, the reason we get married. We're not worried about the family name, our father's dowry and getting-married-solely-because-you're-of-marrying-age anymore. The politics of marriage have nearly disappeared, which is great because it leaves the best reason for marrying in the first place—Love. We marry now for love. To show all our friends and family that the fact that we found this special person is worth a celebration. It's a commitment, it's a precious and cherished moment, and it shows the world, and each other, that your spouse is your priority.  

As the motivations and the politics behind marriage change, so too do the weddings themselves.  

How are people getting married today?  

Today's wedding trends include simple but chic designs, a focus on capturing the perfect photos, a super-cute wedding hashtag, a choreographed bridal party entrance, works-of-art wedding cakes and themed-cocktails. Couples add their own unique touch wherever they can. While the actually ceremony still sticks to the timeless traditions, it's at the wedding reception that the couple really gets hands on and offers their unique spin on décor, drinks, music, and food to create a sense of who they are as a couple and the things that have shaped them. Check out for some mind-blowing wedding cakes and for some clever, signature cocktails! 

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So what's changed? 

It's true, that most couples still share a first dance, and most brides still wear white and have their father "give them away." These traditions have stood the test of time, but there are a number that haven’t. For example, in places like Ancient Egypt, Denmark and Russia, it was once tradition to cross dress on your wedding day. It was believed that doing so would confuse the evil spirits and keep them away. And in Eastern Bengal, as part of the marriage rites, the bride would place a padlock against the groom's lips and she'd turn the key thereby locking the door to "unkind speech" and asking him to respect her.  

While the traditions and trends change and evolve over the years, at its core weddings still speak to their earliest beginnings. They're the marriage of two families. The merging of family lines, and they symbolize growth, change and longevity. Whether formal or casual, ultra-expensive or budget-friendly, destination-wedding or at taking place at your childhood church, a successful wedding comes down to the details. So make each one count! 

modern wedding, unique wedding gifts, wedding favors, fun wedding, fun celebration, Zeitgeist Gifts

If you're a soon-to-be-wedded couple with a sense of humor, consider adding a minute (and funny) detail to your wedding ceremony with these wedding shoe stickers . When you kneel during the ceremony, you'll reveal a special message for your loved ones' viewing pleasure such as “Game Over" or "I'm Taken" stuck to the bottom of your shoes.  

And for those who are a bit more traditional, put a cute spin on blowing bubbles for the couple's departure with this adorable bride and groom "Love is in the Air" set of bubbles dressed in a tuxedo and a dress. 

And for a classy way to tag the happy couple's car with "JUST MARRIED," how about some removable stickers? They look neater than window markers and require no clean up—just peel them off to remove. 

Let the small details be the perfect punctuation on your unforgettable wedding! Allow the wedding to be what it should always be—a celebration of the love and the life two people have committed to make together with all the vows, dances, dresses and cake you want!

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