Spoil Mom this Mother's Day - She Deserves it!

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Spoil Mom this Mother's Day - She Deserves it!

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Mother's Day is coming up! Did you plan a special day for your mother? Is your gift wrapped and flowers ordered? If you're a little behind this year, don't worry! There's still time to get that perfect gift for your mom to thank her for all she's sacrificed over the years. And for all you mom's out there, Mother's Day is your chance to sit back, relax, and be pampered a bit for all your hard work! You deserve it! 

While Mother's Day is now a staple holiday for many of us, the day has a rich history. Anna Jarvis is credited with creating the holiday when she fought to get it on the calendar after the death of her mother in 1905. She wanted a day to honor all mothers and felt there were too many holidays celebrating males and not enough for the women. She launched a huge letter writing campaign urging newspapers, politicians and anyone who would listen to begin honoring the holiday. And it worked! By 1914, she got President Woodrow Wilson to officially declare Mother's Day a national holiday.

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Anna's envision for what the holiday activities would entail were basic—she wanted everyone to simply celebrate with their mothers, wear a white carnation, and go to church with mom. But as soon as the holiday began to gain steam, card companies, flower shops and retail stores latched onto the idea and Mother's Day as we know it came to being.  

Regardless of the holiday's commercialism, I think we can all agree that our mothers deserve tons of appreciation! When Mother's Day rolls around, they expect to be treated extra special so don't disappoint! Luckily, you have us to help you select that perfect heartfelt gift for mom this Mother's Day. And we're willing to bet it's something your siblings won't beat you to. 

Mother's Day Gift Guide, Modern Gifts Mom, Unique Gifts mom, Funny gifts, Mother, Zeitgeist Gifts

For the mom who loves decorating... 

Bring a little bit of the outdoors inside with these cute flower pots. Audrey Hepburn, Queen Elizabeth, or herbal Jimi, anyone? Perfect for any mom with a silly side! And to spice up her garden as well, how about these fun plant labels to add a dash of creativity to your garden? 

For the mom who loves her kitchen... 

How about some silly (but practical) kitchen items to bring some humor into her kitchen like this goosey colander and bowl set? It's bright yellow color will pop in any kitchen and make anyone who spots it smile. We also have veggie cutters (like cookie cutters, but for veggies) to make vegetable eating for even the pickiest eaters possible! And fun cookie cutters for her next family-baking activity! 

For the mom who is all about health... 

Think outside the gift-giving box and surprise your mom with a cactus juicer for freshly squeezed juiced. Or one of these oh-so-handy bike bags so she can pack a bottle of champagne on her bike for a girls picnic in the park. And for those moms whose busy schedule only allows time for late-night exercise, how about a Lucetta Magnet Bike Light for her late night bike rides? 

For the mom who is all about relaxing... 

Nothing says time-to-relax like your mom's favorite beverage. Whether she's an avid tea fan or a wine-connoisseur, we've got you covered! We have fun tea accessories to liven up your mother's daily cup of tea like our shark fin tea egg. We also have adorable wine stoppers in many funny varieties that are perfect for your mom's next dinner party.

Make your gift special... 

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Don't forget the finishing touches to make your gift exceptional! We have a gift stamp cube to give your present your mark and unique gift card packs for the sentimental finishing touch. If you're going all out with party decorations, our confetti latex balloons filled with both metallic and multi colored confetti will be the perfect punctuation to your expertly-planned Mother's Day. Your mom deserves it! 

Make this year's Mother's Day the best yet! From all of us at Zeitgeist Gifts, we wish you the happiest of Mother's Days.  

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