Earth Day is almost here! What will you do to celebrate the day?

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Earth Day is almost here! What will you do to celebrate the day?

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While it's true that we should be doing positive things for the environment every single day, Earth Day brings our environmental-world to the forefront for 24 hours, allowing us to absorb exactly how special our planet is and what we can do to make an impact.

The very first Earth Day was in 1970. It was created when Gaylord Nelson, a Wisconsin Senator, witnessed the extreme damage caused by an oil spill the previous year in Santa Barbara, California. The tragedy was an eye-opener for Nelson, who saw that more education needed to be offered to all our fellow planet-dwellers on our environment and how we needed to treat it. Nelson's plan was to educate, educate, educate! He wanted people everywhere to understand what they could do to help our planet and the impact even the smallest of changes could have. He started Earth Day to fuel that education, and by 1990 the day became globally recognized with 141 countries actively participating in the celebration.

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Our environment is important. Now, more than ever, with global warming and climate change nipping at our heels, we must do our part to reverse the damage that has been done. That means teaching our children how and why they should recycle, that means turning lights off that aren't in use, investing in renewable resources, reducing emissions and planting a tree. But it also means making sure the products you buy are made with the environment in mind.

At Zeitgeist Gifts, we pride ourselves on presenting safe and socially responsible products to our customers. Our i-Wood Tech Toy Collection is not only fun and adorable, but also made from recycled materials and 100% natural components. So when your child plays with their i-wood laptop or smartphone, you can use the opportunity to teach them a valuable lesson about caring for our planet. In addition to the i-wood products, all our products are BPA free. Research has shown that BPA (a chemical used to make some plastics) can have negative health effects on our bodies--specifically damage to children and infants' brains, prostates and behavior. We ensure all our products are safe, tested, and 100% BPA free.

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Similarly, our main supplier, Donkey Products, has a code of conduct that is based on UN Global Compact Principles and insists that all of their suppliers comply with the same code. Human rights and the planet are Donkey Product's priority, and ours too! We want to make sure the products we offer are ethical, socially responsible, and safe for all consumers.

So how will you participate this Earth Day? Will you bike to work (sporting one of these practical bike bags)?  Will you start a compost pile? Will you and your family eat vegetarian for the day? Make it fun! Start a garden with your family and use this fun “Beet it” Green Energy Windmill plant label to show your loyalty to the environment in a fun way. Renewable energy is the new trend! Let’s do what we can to help our world! Use the day to teach your children how the smallest changes can truly make a difference. If every family in the world took some time to tend to our planet on Earth Day, our Earth would be one happy planet. Let’s make it smile!

Happy Earth Day!

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