Warm Weather Has Arrived. Here Are Fun Ways to Get Outside!

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Warm Weather Has Arrived. Here Are Fun Ways to Get Outside!

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Welcome to the Outdoor Season! We've officially made it to warm weather which means a good portion of our free time is now happily spent outside. Breathe in that fresh air! Smell the blooming flowers! Not only does the outdoors help us unwind after a busy week, but being outside is also a great way to exercise and be healthy.  

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One activity that is great combination of outdoor fun and exercise is biking. Not only is it a wonderful way to burn calories and strengthen your legs while being gentler on your joints than jogging would be, but it's also an excellent way to get from one location to the next. Save a little bit of money on gas, parking, or a MetroCard, and bike instead! 

Recently, biking has become more and more popular, especially in Europe and US towns where cities are installing more and more bike lanes and paths to make it easier for bikers to commute safely to work. Nothing like a morning workout to get you ready for the day ahead! Biking is a great family activity as well. Take a tour around town, or bike to the park for a picnic. As biking surges in popularity, an increasing number of biking accessories are becoming available, like these great Donkey bike bags

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Let's face it, one of the limitations with biking is that if you need to bring lots of items with you, you're a bit out of luck, but these bags make biking practical! They were designed with real bikers in mind so they’re super functional. The bags come in a variety of sizes and styles. The 6-pack bag will easily and safely hold 6 bottles of water or even ice-cold beer for an adult-picnic. Or try the picnic bag to pack on-the-go snacks! The saddle bag is made from very durable material to withstand wear and tear. It attaches to the middle bar of any bike, and its Velcro closure allows it to fit on strollers as well.  

For family-fun once you've made it to the park, nothing beats a game of Frisbee. We've got a great selection of unique Frisbee designs—a doughnut, a pizza, or a record Frisbee, anyone? Frisbee is a great sport since it can be played at any age and at any intensity. Whether you're just tossing it back in forth, or playing a competitive game of Ultimate Frisbee, Frisbee is a great option to get some outdoor exercise or family-time in since all it takes is the Frisbee and at least two people—no extras required. As video games and streaming video trap our families indoors, it's important to keep the family active, soaking in that Vitamin D that the sun provides. For any upcoming birthdays or just-because gifts, a Frisbee makes a great present too! 

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To make your day at the park a real extravaganza, why not throw in a little kite flying also? These adorable kid mini kites come in fun designs like an alien, duck, bat, and unicorn, and are perfect for a child learning the skill and precision of flying a kite. This kite is ideal for on-the-go fun since the entire kite comes in a can that fits in your pocket. You'll be able to bring it anywhere and launch it into the sky whenever the urge calls. It’s just one more way to get your family outside and excited about outdoor activities. The more hours spent outdoors, the better everyone will feel! So get moving! 

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