Meet Florian, Creative Master Mind behind Donkey Products!

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Meet Florian, Creative Master Mind behind Donkey Products!

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Hi Guys,   

Julia here. Happy April! As April is such a fun month and Zeitgeist Gifts is all about unique products that make people smile, I want to share with you the stories and inspiration of the creative people behind the merchandise we carry.

Our main supplier is the German company Donkey Products. If you're not familiar with the brand's innovative, adorable, and delightful products, you soon will be! They really are clever creations and the founder, Florian Berger, is my dear friend. Florian and I worked together in marketing for years until he spread his wings and took over his family's gift business, giving it a modern, unique twist all his own. His creativity, passion, and marketing-prowess truly inspired me and I wanted to share a bit of his ingenuity with all of you.  

Donkey Products, Florian Berger, About Donkey Products, About Zeitgeist Gifts

Donkey Products prides themselves on offering new and unique merchandise to their customers so that each gift that's given is a special one. Their products include children's toys, kitchen items, home accessories and practical, funny urban gifts. Each of Florian's items has a purpose and a story and their goal is both simple and human—to make everyday life a bit more fun, a bit more engaging, and a bit more playful than it would be otherwise. They aim to discover truly special gifts and present them to their customers because they realize that these remarkable items are the ones that are cherished by their owners for a lifetime.

A perfect example of this is his popular bike bags which he got the idea for while riding through Hamburg and finding that he was in need of a practical tote that carries bottles and other items securely while riding a bike. From the funny Snore Stopper, their awesome wooden tech devices for kids, unique tea collectionwedding items, to the special flower pots, Donkey Products is dedicated to providing charming, extraordinary gifts. 

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Florian works with his team in a cool courtyard in the so-called Schanzenviertel, the little Brooklyn of Hamburg. In a loft-styled office, they develop a new assortment of products twice a year, inspired by the fashion schedule of a Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter collection. So you can look forward to new selections coming soon, as well as a special Holiday collection! Pssst, super-cute baby spoons, toys, and some great stuff for your home are expected, so stay tuned!  

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Celebrities have caught on to Donkey Products as well. The Donkey iWoody smartphone was featured in Taylor Swift's music video for her song "Everything has Changed" and fashion designer, Paul Smith, is a noted fan of the products. With over 2000 retailers in Germany and another 3000 in more than 80 countries, Donkey Products has developed an avid following. 

Florian was born for this type of business, not only was Donkey Products a family business passed down to him, but his parents now run a museum that features the novelty gifts they've invented over the years. His father, a passionate art collector, was a creative master mind who always had a great sense of humor, and an eye for trends and unusual ideas. Coming up with innovative, clever designs truly runs in the family!

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Not only are Donkey Products dedicated to the quality of their items, but they also care about the planet and all the people on it too. The company's code of conduct is based on the principles of the UN Global Compact in regards to human rights, labor, environment and anti-corruption. By requiring their partners to comply with the same code, they make sure their products are not only safe, but produced ethically.

Do you have a loved one's birthday coming up and no idea what to buy them? I invite you to check out Donkey Products for something truly unique that will bring a smile to anyone's face. And I promise, you won't run the risk of gifting the same item as someone else. Florian's products are extremely special! 


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Apr 02, 2016

Loved to hear Florians story! thanks Julia

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